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Car or vehicle is one of the fruits of your hard work, it is one of your investments that you need to give more attention and care on it. But accidents happen unexpectedly. So, if you are looking for a flatbed towing service that can help you bring your car to the nearest mechanic shop? We are here to provide you what you deserve. When it comes to a trusted and quality flatbed towing, our company Flatbed Towing, Towing Fort Lauderdale servicing around Fort Lauderdale, Fl. In case you are in trouble in the middle or side of the road, we suggest that you call us to solve your problem. Our company consists of expert and professional technician teams that have years of experience in this kind of job. We, Flatbed Towing has been in this industry for over 20-30 years, enough reason to assure the highest-quality work that you can only experience from us.

We aim to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing them the excellent and high-quality work at an affordable price. In addition, we also want you to be happy and enjoy our customer service. Each one of our technicians undergoes a seminar and training to sharpen their skills and knowledge in this industry. Also, we assure you of a very approachable and friendly customer service staff. So, don’t you won’t hesitate and be shy about asking a question about our service, you can ask as many as you like as long as it is related or connected to ours. We can jump off to your place and bring you to the nearest mechanic shop before your coffee gets cold. Consider checking also our other services like pop a lock, wrecker service, and cheap towing.

What are you waiting for? If you found yourself in trouble, anytime and anywhere, Flatbed Towing located in Fort Lauderdale is always ready to help you! Just call us at 954-360-8243 for more information.


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The reason why you need to choose our Flatbed Towing in case you are in a dilemma

Tow trucks are designed to carry and transport a damaged vehicle from one point to another. Tow trucks can handle the weight of a vehicle very easy. And we have the one you are looking for!

It is really dangerous transporting a vehicle from one point to another point with an issue. Road obstacles and debris can make it more problematic for you, it can leave more scratches, if you are using another car to pull your damaged vehicle, it might affect the wheel and transmission of your car. But the good thing is you cannot encounter these problems if you allow our service to be your savior on the road. Check also our jump start car service.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to choose our flatbed towing service rather than others:

Your vehicle will be safe bringing to another point or location

As mentioned above, we do not recommend to continue your transport when you have an issue in your car. Flatbed towing might be the safest and best decision you’ve ever need to safely bring your car to a mechanic shop. In this way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your car is safe on the road. In addition, it also increases the safety of other road users. When a damaged vehicle is strapped strongly on flatbed towing truck, you can assure that it will be safe, it will not sway from right to left or left to right, it stays on its position. Also, the risk of passing cars is lower. Our expert towing technicians treat the customer vehicle with great care and respect as if they own it.

In addition, if you hire a hooked chain towing service, there’s a high chance that you can get an additional issue and problem to your vehicle. It has also a chance that it can be bumped on the other vehicle or surface if the driver does not carefully drive. Therefore, flatbed towing is the best choice that you can make, because it assures you that, there will be no tire wear or addition issue to your car’s engine, appearance, transmission, and other more.

Proudly to say that we can bring you and your car to another location secured and safe. Our company Flatbed Towing Service Fort Lauderdale is the one you need. We can be your savior on the road! In case of emergency, just call us at 954-360-8243!

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Sometimes, flatbed towing is the only solution!

There’s an issue to your car that some towing service can’t handle. Such as, when your vehicle has a broken wheel or axle, you cannot allow your car’s wheel to run because it will cause you to more costly damage. At that point, flatbed towing is the only solution because in flatbed towing, the wheels of your car do not need to run and roll because your car is placed on the platform of a towing truck. Luckily, we are the ones you need! Our company has a safe flatbed towing truck, and innovative equipment to ensure that your car will be safe. We can bring your car to a mechanic shop without requiring to run its wheel and damaging it.

Saves you time

If you avail of a dolly towing, it has a lot of process and steps before it can bring you to the nearest mechanic service. In addition, you are required to remove the shaft of the vehicle so the transmission and engine of it will not be damaged. Hassle and time-consuming right? If you choose our flatbed towing service, we assure you that you’ll be hassle-free. Putting a vehicle on the platform of a flatbed towing service is very easy because we have a professional and expert staff, plus we have a proper and right materials and equipment to completely place in on a flatbed truck. We know that every customer’s time is valuable, that’s why we are working very quickly but quality. Don’t waste your time looking for a towing service that can’t assure the safety of your car, we are here Flatbed Towing Service Fort Lauderdale to help you on the road!

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