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Looking for a trusted and outstanding wrecker or towing service in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a bit difficult, you need to add extra effort and time to find one. Disposing or trashing automobile parts, accessories, or the vehicle itself is a very difficult task, but our Wrecker Service Fort Lauderdale located can provide you the quality wrecker service you deserve. We are servicing around Fort Lauderdale or around Florida for some time. We’ve been in this industry for over 20-30 years. Plus, all of our technician teams are professional and expert that undergo training to ensure that they will accomplish the highest-quality work.

Our objective is to exceed the expectations of our customers to our Wrecker Service. We will provide them the highest-quality as possible and we’ll assure an excellent outcome at an affordable price. Everyone in the firm is knowledgeable and can accomplish a work that you’ll surely be happy. Don’t hesitate to call us, every staff of our company, Towing Fort Lauderdale is approachable and friendly, you can ask them many questions as you like that may help to enlighten you. Our company offer more affordable services like pop a lockmotorcycle towing, and flat tire service.

Wrecker Service or “Towing Fort Lauderdale” almost covers everything starting from running out of gas, dead batteries, up to assist on the road. In addition, if you have a plan to dispose of your abandoned and unused vehicle, we are offering a car wrecker service. We know that disposing of your vehicle on your own is a very difficult and time-consuming job. We do not recommend to do it by yourself because it requires a proper way of disposing of it, it also needs a right and proper equipment to accomplish wrecking a car. So, we suggest that you hire our wrecker service to ensure that you’ll be safe! Just give us a call at 954-360-8243 and we’ll jump off to your place after we settle everything on our call!


About Wrecker Service

What is a wrecker service?

Wrecker service is a service that can haul away a car from an accident, where there is no possibility and hope to restore its original shape and form. Wrecker service is also like junk removal, you can call wrecker service to remove your abandoned and unused vehicles from your garage. Proud to say that, our company offering a wrecker service in Fort Lauderdale, FL! Just call us for more information

What does our company offer?

As one of the top haulers in Fort Lauderdale, we offer you a lot of services.

Here are a few of them:

We are connected to other top wrecker and mechanic services

If you have a plan to recover some parts of your car, we can accept it. As one of the top wrecker services, we are also connected to other company that offers a mechanic shops, this can also help you to fasten the fixing process of your vehicle, because they are also an outstanding company. So, in case you decide to recover some parts of your vehicle, we can refer you to some mechanic shop around Fort Lauderdale.

Can earn income

Do you have a stocked or abandoned vehicle? Do you want them to remove from your garage? Our wrecker service offers wrecker of your stocked car. You can exchange your abandoned vehicles to cash, if it has a part that has a possibility to be repaired or if it has some good parts. We will dismantle your vehicle, by the use of our innovative equipment that has the ability to collect every piece of a metal fragment that is going to be resold on other companies.

Flatbed Towing (2)
Flatbed Towing (3)

We can easily remove abandoned vehicles on your garage

We are consisting of a professional and expert technician team, that’s why we assure you that we can remove the vehicle on its spot safely. We make sure to you that no casualty will happen, the place of your vehicle will be a hundred percent damage-free!

Safe to our environment

We are using innovative equipment to assure the quality of our work. But it is not just that, you’ll also be happy to know that, our process and way of wrecking a vehicle is eco-friendly for disposing of the unused cars or vehicles. If you hire an untrusted wrecker service, it has a possibility that they will do not do the proper way of disposing of the vehicle, which may lead to emitting dangerous air, pollution, or chemicals on your surroundings. This can also result in long-term damage in our soil, water resources, and air. In addition, if you are in their place, it can affect your health. That’s why it is better if you hire our wrecker service because we assure you that our process will not be dangerous to our environment! 

Honest work

Some of the parts of your vehicle can still be used or can be sold to the mechanic shop. If you hire our car wrecking service, we will tell you everything starting from the process up to the parts that can still benefit you. We promised you an honest and trusted wrecker service that you can only experience from us. In addition, if you plan to sell or recover the parts that still functioning, we can accept it and exchange for money.

Saves you a lot of money

Our company also offers a lot of second-hand vehicle parts that you can purchase at a very inexpensive price. Buying a second-hand part of a car in our company can save you a lot of money compared to buying to mechanic stores. Also, before crushing your whole vehicle, the reusable part of it is set aside with the intention of returning it to you or can be sold in the future. You may also save your money with our other services like jump start car and lock out of car services.

So, let our wrecker service offers you a lot of benefits. The mentioned above are just a few of them, you can know more about us if you ring us at 954-360-8243. We’ll settle up everything on our call starting from schedule up to the payment. So, what are you waiting for? If you made up your mind wrecking your vehicles, don’t forget our Wrecker Service is always on the help for you!

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